Meet Our President: Kenton McClung

Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Kenton believes that everyone deserves to Experience Lifestyle. “We as a company have been very blessed over the years, and I believe a large part of that has been because we do make a point to make sure to give back.” I know that it is only with the help of our clients, my team, and my family that our company by itself has been able to provide all of the necessities to support the Pondur Church Orphan Home, an all-girls orphanage located in India, since 2007.

From start to finish, Kenton is there to help craft the little details that turn a house into your home. We’ve grown our line of homes to include a Build On Your Lot program, New Construction inventory homes, and we are proud to introduce our brand new Built Better Renovation division to welcome our clients to Experience Lifestyle. “To me, the most rewarding part of our new “Built Better” division is knowing that I can create something beautiful out of something forgotten. These homes are built with the same craftsmanship standards as our New Construction models; they’re just ready faster.”

Kenton holds a Class A Contractors License with a Builder’s Designation, as well as an Erosion Control License, and maintains a Real Estate Agent License in order to stay competitive with the market trends.